Sabina Sieghart Visual Communication Design

Ayinger Beer

Ayinger remains one of the few breweries around Munich that is locally owned and independent from the big corporations. The main focus of the new design was regional production. This was emphasised by creating an original Munich, gothic-like font, as well as an appropriate advertising campaign.


Concept of Corporate Design
Font and Colour Concept
Redesign of Lettering

Redesigning the Lettering

Upper and lower case, as well as ’sans serif‘, are a unique choice of lettering in the beer market. Thus, utilising these characters as part of Ayinger, the writing will appear strong and clear whilst still conveying a sense of quality and character. Typedesign: Jürgen Weltin

The Munich gothic font accentuates Bavarian tradition, conveys the pleasure of consuming beer and is easily memorable.


Analyses of Competitor’s strategies
Redesign of Labels

New Labelling System

The labels were purposefully coordinated with one another to make them quickly readable and memorable at the point of sale. The brand name ‘Ayinger‘ is printed on the same part of every label to ensure easy recognition. There is a brief, but eloquent, written description which outlines the quality and character of each beer subtype. The various sorts of beer are identified by an appropriate colour scheme and relevant graphical elements. As a finish, metallic golden paint frames the main features and details of the design.



Marketing and Advertising Campaign
Design of Posters

Advertising Campaign

The close bond with the township of Aying, as well as the festivals and events held in conjunction with the brewery, are important aspects that help make Ayinger the exceptional establishment it is. Ayinger symbolises not only Ayinger beer, but spring in Aying, parish fairs in Aying and other important local traditions. These activities, which epitomise what it means to be Bavarian, can effectively be advertised on posters, post cards, beer mats and other sellable merchandise.