Sabina Sieghart Visual Communication Design

Pioneer Investments

The corporate identity of Pioneer Investments varied greatly between countries. Hence, exact Design guidelines were introduced to ensure consistency across international offices.


Leading the International Designteam
Managing Finances
Defining Design Guidelines
Organising Brand Extranet
Workshop Organisation

Comprehensive Corporate Design Work

Within the multifaceted design team, I was responsible for the professional counselling and coordination between the involved agencies and in-house Design studios. The introduction to the public of the new brand involved the challenging management of multiple complex and time-critical tasks. Along with this, there was ample design work to be done as the corporate guidelines from EdenSpiekermann had to be implemented throughout all media.


Development of CD Add-Ons
Defining Guidelines
Design of Booklets

Booklets and Corporate Designs for Institutional Clients

Separate material is provided for institutional clients.Institutional Literature is information-driven and based on indepth research. Therefore the existing graphic elements are treated to mirror this approach. A style guide was established to allow the implementation of the Pioneer Investments Corporate design in all areas. Additionally, an institutional magazin was developed.


Coordination of Programming
Quality Assurance

Corporate Design for Word

We often do not realise how much a firm’s everyday communication with its clients relies upon MS Word and Power Point Displays. Customised templates enable all users to create attractive presentations which engage with the audiences.



A brief history about investment

Pioneer Investments was established in 1928. Graphical material sourced from archives and text examining the history of investment were combined to create a calendar. Next to others, the calendar  included information on when paper was introduced as means of payment or where the idea of investing in equities arose. The silver colour using triplex printing accentuates the highlights of the photographs.