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The Anatomy of Design
Sustain the Pain

The Designklinikum is a network of designers initiated by Cora von Pein and Sabina Sieghart. We aim to introduce a professional designer and their abilities to the wider community. Furthermore, we focus on communicating the basics as well as the importance of design work.

Currently the research association, including PhD candidate Bettina Bruder (Sydney, Weimar) and university lecturer Sabina Sieghart (Munich, Salzburg), is developing communication and idea processing for various assignments.

One of the defining moments in Designklinikum’s history was the introduction speech given by guest speaker Kurt Weidemann on 6th of July 2003.


Sabina Sieghart from the Designklinikum is keynote speaker at »Unfrozen – First SDN Design Research Winter Summit« of the SwissdesignNetwork on January, 28th, 2016. Learn more. Please find the english essay here.

The Anatomy of Design

In order to raise awareness of design illnesses and restrain the apparent epidemic, the Designklinikum organised an informative evening. The aim was to broaden societies understanding of a designer’s work and skills. To achieve this we used the analogy understood by everyone: medicine.

During economically challenging times it is essential to retain a healthy appearance. Health problems such as maltreated fonts, confusing concepts, bizarre headlines or unsound appearance lead to internal illness which may result in irreversible damaging of one’s image. Together with guest speaker Prof. Kurt Weidemann the basics of design are highlighted and examples are dissected. Sieches Design work is separated into formal, conceptual and theories of perception. Based upon general knowledge of the medical field (Roland Barthes, Otl Aicher, Jan Tschichold, Leonardo da Vinci etc), new interpretations are produced and possible therapies postulated.

The myth of design being only dependent on individual taste is therefore buried. Research and lecturing of design are reviewed in an entirely new way.