Sabina Sieghart Visual Communication Design

Fritz Eichbauer Construction Firm

„Bau“ is the German term for „building“. So, which font could be more appropriate for a construction firm than FF Bau?

In an urgent case the Eichbauer Construction firm developed the concept of the „Bauexpress“. Of course, an eye-catching vehicle was not to be missed.


Design Office Equipment
Labelling of Construction Site
Labelling of Vehicle Production

Office Equipment and Corporate Design

‚Schelter Grotesk‘, a font published back in 1880, was exemplarily for the well known ‚Helvetica‘. In 2004, Christian Schwartz redesigned the lettering and digitalised it as FF Bau. It is characterised by its distinct double decker g’s and the slim marks. The timeless typeface is applicable in both title and text right down to smallest font size. Hence its beefy letters are perfect for redesigning the construction firm’s image.  


Design of Image Brochure
Briefing and Coordination
Photography and Text Production

Image Brochure and Portfolio

An appropriate folder was designed which is able to hold up to 100 pages. As part of the image brochure, Jens Weber has photographed the firm’s buildings of the past 40 years.




The website has a custom-made backend at its disposal which enables the independent updating of each division.