Sabina Sieghart Visual Communication Design


The „Hörverlag“ required a contemporary and incisive appearance.


Corporate Design
Font Concept and Colour Scheme
CD Packaging
Design of Booklet

Corporate Design | Packaging Design

The font ‚Ocean‘ generates a contemporary and incisive image for the Hörverlag. The varieties of the poetic italic is applicable in abundance of fields: headlines for covers, a body text for booklets, technical details on CDs and index. In combination with the particular colour scheme, the Hörverlag becomes unmistakable.

(This project was developed as Art Director for Zeichen & Wunder. A team of junior designers participated in a variety of tasks ranging from the implementation of the complete assortment through to the actual book fair) 


Concept and Design of Catalogue for Booksellers
Layout and Typesetting
Supervision of Production

The Catalogue for Booksellers

In addition to revising the entire collection of CD’s which included some intricate booklets, the publisher’s previews had to be completed as well. As the logo had not been publicly released, you are still viewing the initial lettering. The colour scheme can be applied to any title and constructs a consistent image throughout every series of the Hörverlag.