Sabina Sieghart Visual Communication Design


  1. Questions, Analysis, Research
    To us, design is the discipline of defining interfaces between a product and its user, between abstract ideas and a tangible reality, between the rational and the emotional. In order to identify the boundaries of a project and the content which is to be communicated, we revert to findings and methods form adjacent disciplines such as theories of perception, behavioural psychology and market researches.
  2. Concept and Design
    When developing a new concept we are inspired by scenarios. We do not only focus on the product itself but also consider the environment that the finished design is supposed to function in. That way, we are able to determine the appropriate materials. We pair this with our skills, our experiences and passion to create a unique Design that is custom tailored to your specific project.
  3. Elaboration and Production
    In the end, we strive to provide Designs that engage the audience both visually and interactively. Therefore, we believe the result should not only display our expertise and precision but also embody our passion for what we do. Particular attention to detail and love for typography characterises our work. We hire only the most talented producers and programmers who will ensure ideal results implication.

Sabina Sieghart

is a designer, consultant and researcher. Ever since finishing her degree in communication design, Sabina has been working passionately for clients and agencies. She also teaches at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg, Austria. After graduation, Sabina spent 4 years working for Rolf Mueller’s design office in Munich and Design/Writing/Research in New York, before establishing her own office in 1999. In 2016 she started the design research project »Typography, Code and Accessibility«.


Every project requires a suitable team. Over the past few years, an expert mix of designers, writers, photographers, drawers, printers, programmers and producers has formed. Some originate from and around Munich, our motion picture specialist is located in Vienna, a lithographer lives in Berlin and our trusty printer is based in Swabia. Sabina Sieghart’s overseas contacts, that come from her university studies in Australia and work experiences in New York, have been incredibly valuable.