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Leichte Sprache – Design für alle.
Ein kritisches Statement aus der Designpraxis.

published March 2017 Frank & Timme

Through the Designklinikum lectures, multiple teaching opportunities at the University of Munich and Salzburg arose. The extensive research for my lectures as well as the challenge of conveying complex topics clearly while still engaging with the students, aided myself in growing as a professional designer. Personally, I put great emphasis on making my students into independent, creative and reflective thinkers. It is the basis of any creative career. I frequently organise and moderate workshops focusing on the development of corporate design concepts.

Editorial Design WS 2016/17

This years topic was »barriers«. Each student developped a personal magazine, compiled visual and text content, learned to work with Indesign grid and microtypography settings and did layout a complete magazine. Each lecture started with an overview of magazine covers from the US elections. Here is the compilation of all covers.

Iris Dregnat designed a digital magazine promoting knowledge transfer free from old rigid structures: Educations Tomorrow. Milan Soremski’s EdgeMag crosses the border to North Corea and gives an insight in contemporary photography. Jana Rack struggled with the barriers long distance relationships build: Letters from Napoleon, photo spreads from Can Dağarslanı and Loretta Lux capture our attention. Julia Zehethuber reflected the Rapunzel fairy tale and created a magazine you want to touch!!

Click covers to view pdfs.

Summer Semester2016

University of Salzburg
Typography 1
2. Semester

ABC Movies

Find an alphabeth in everyday objects! Get inspired and do a short film! Great work, some even have music composed for the movie.

Guilia Noordeloo did an add for a navigation system (Click ABC to start animation).

Milan Soremski: Pasta Beat

Game of Phones by Markus Hofer

Repair Cafe vby Felix Berlet

January 2016

Keynote Speaker
Swiss Design Research Symposium

UNFROZEN – Design Research Winter Summit

The Swiss Design Network invited me to hold a keynote speech at the 9th Swiss Design Research Symposium 28-31 January 2016 at the spectacular Grandhotel Giessbach

Great event! Fireside Talk with Arne Scheuermann (President of the Swiss Design Network) and Prof. Tom Grundnigg (FH Salzburg). Click for the Abstracts.

Wintersemester 2016/17

FH Salzburg
Typographie 2 – Editorial Design
4. Semester

Editorial Design Winter 2015/16

Topic was the german word »Flüchtlinge« which translates to »refugees«, but also contains the words »to flee, to escape«. Most important is to find a personal connection. Christina Schlögl focused on »Escapism«, Daniel Huber undertook an escape out of the narrowness of his village, Lili Sterlingwerff – a exchange student from Newzealand – had a look at Salzburg and saw tourists and refugees und Nathalie Posch presents downshifters. Janna Koppenwallner did a Magazine for Suicide Prevention.

The master students Kilian Bochnig, Tobias Feldmeier, Nana Fiedler, David Hofbauer, Marielle Ploessl, Barbara Sterflinger, Christina Tranninger und Christina Weber did a multi medial magazin. The 46 articels are all published on diverse platforms, e.g. wie Postcards, twitter-Beitrag, ads, instragram or real life happenings. The main thing is for the target group to be addressed personally.

Please click on the covers to see more.

Sommersemester 2015

FH Salzburg
Typographie 2
2. Semester

New Austrian Typefaces

Basic geometric forms were the starting point for the individual fonts each student designed, digitalised and then used for a 3d application or film.
A highspeed camera helps Maximiliane Nirschl to merge »Punktum Light« into »Punktum Bold«. Watch the film here!

Argo Bergwelten von Michael Hofer. Zum sehenswerten Buch

Bernhard Schroecker’s optische Täuschungen. Mehr

Sehr elegant: »Shiny long legs« von Claudia Wahlmueller. Zum wunderschönen Buch.

Der Einband des Schriftmusterbuches der »DISCO« von Christina Schloegl ist aus den Spiegel einer Disckokugel Ansehen

Astra von Jana Koppenwallner. Himmlische Ansichten

Feine Papierfaltarbeit von Lisa Arzberger. Details im Buch.

Wintersemester 2014/15

FH Salzburg
Editorial Design
3. Semester Bachelor und 4. Semester Master

Editorial Design im WS 2014/15

In der Recherche-Phase zum Thema »Fremd« wird ein persönlicher Zugang zum Thema gefunden. Anschließend entwickeln die Studenten ein Konzept und arbeiten die Erstausgabe ihres Magazines detailiert aus. Sophie Mehlhardt hat einen berührenden Zugang zu »Menschen die uns fremd werden« gefunden. Spuren ist ein Magazin über das Leben mit Demenz aus unterschiedlichen Blickwinkeln, für Betroffen und Angehörige. Christina Schinagl’s Mode und LifeStyle-Magazin Shrug für selbstbewusste, moderne PlusSize Fashionistas zeigt tole Bildstrecken und stellt die seltsam fremden Körpermaße gängiger Magazine in Frage. Jill Gortschnigg hat ein »Magazin für Menschen, die sich nicht einschränken lassen« entwickelt. Es spricht die Bewohner und Besucher des Matthiashofs, einer inklusiven Einrichtung, gleichermaßen an und hat daher auch Texte in »leichter Sprache«. Riccardo Gantschnigg erklärt in seinem zweisprachigen »Dialexika« die Sprache seines Heimattals im Tiroler Unterland. Die Sånihanser Schreibweise übersetzt die für fremde Sprache. Tolle Bilder und Ausarbeitung!

Bitte jeweils auf die Cover klicken um das komplette Magazin als pdf anzusehen.

Winter Semester 2013/14

University of Salzburg
Typography 2
3rd Semester

Editorial Design im WS 2014/15

Exkursion zum Typotag und Critical Review mit Petra Saborny und Miriam Kabaum am 14. & 15.11.2014
Nach dem Typotag in München am Freitag haben uns am Samstag die beiden Editorial-Designerinnen Petra Saborny und Miriam Kabaum einen Einblick in Ihre Arbeit gegeben. Anschliessend gab es ein »Critcal Review« der Studenten-Arbeiten durch die beiden Expertinnen. Vielen Dank!

Winter Semester 2013/14

University of Salzburg
Typography 2
3rd Semester

Font and Poster Design

Music and Typography
Through the type-design workshop with Andreu Balius from Barcelona, fonts were generated for various music festivals. Rainer Erich Scheichelbauer, from Vienna, presented his new font editor »Glyphs« . Students developed event posters and flyers using their own digitalised font.

Marie-Theres Schweitl Mehr
Thomas Sturm Mehr

Nora Siess Mehr
Angelika Hutterer Mehr

Eva-Maria Burger Mehr
Christina Rittmannsperger Mehr

Summer Semester 2013

University of Salzburg
Qualification Projects
4th Semester

Qualification Projects

The qualification project QPT2 in the 4th semester enables students to choose their own topic and work on it largely independently. Throughout the summer semester 2013 a corporate design, including a photo shoot for a clothing firm, was developed. Various fonts were designed as well as a project aiming to get teenagers involved in the 2014 European elections.

Anna Hartweger: Huberwalk

David Einwaller: Neue Droschke More about the project

Cornelia Linse und Ricarda Hutterer: Wettbewerb EU-Ausstellung More about the project

Summer Semester 2013

University of Salzburg
„Typografie 1“

The Exercises
1. Collection of Letters
2. Presentation of Font
3. Design of Bank Notes
4. Design of Pixel Font
5. 3d Animation of Font
6. Application of Font
7. Design of Public Notice

Typography booklets

I assigned each student a type font (e.g. ‚frutiger‘) as well as a letter (e.g. ‚f“). Using these two components, in addition to seven other exercises, the pupils created a booklet. I am continuously fascinated by the range of results.

Winter Semester 2012/13

University of Salzburg
Typografie 2
Editorial Design

Magazine on ‚Sharing‘

The graphic below instantly visualises how broad the topic ’sharing‘ is. There are 207 synonyms for the verb ‚to share‘. From the magazine by Barbara Kolb


The editorial design course highlights were the visit of TGM and a lecture by Horst Moser in Munich.


Three particularly outstanding magazines:

Anna Baham, who concentrated on the separation of Bosnia, Karina Eber, who investigated Salzburg’s public toilets, and Laura Gstoettenmayr, who focused on sharing lifestyles.

Here ,you may view the toilet-magazine with current evaluations of the public toilets in Salzburg  By Karina Ebner



Summer Semester 2012

University of Salzburg
Typografie 1

Font in Pixels, Summer 2012

Each student developed an individual font. They were asked to design letters which fitted nicely into a raster of 9×9 pixels and were restricted to only using whole pixels. A short word from was chosen and displayed in the University’s entrance hall with the help of other colleagues. Credit to the plates from the Fago! (Displayed Fonts by David Einwaller, Klaus Fehrkürer, Sebastian Rangger and Laura Gstöttenmayr.)


Summer Semester 2011

University of Salzburg
Typografie 2

Ten new years resolutions for 2012

An ad hoc typographic work done in the 4th semester, focusing on 10 new years resolutions for 2012. Designed based on a text by Mike Monteiro. (by Drehobel Juliane, Fauser Philipp, Jungwirth Matthias.) Original Text.


Winter Semester 2010/11

University of Salzburg
Typografie 1

Barbecue with local products

The labels for all the items required for a BBQ evening are designed by the students themselves. This includes developing a font appropriate to the product, designing regional logos and implementing the two factors onto the packaging of the product. The students are also required to make a final poster presentation.

Winter Semester 2010/11

University of Salzburg
Typografie 2
Editorial Design

Editorial Design

The topic to be explored in this magazine was ‚water‘. This was presented at a symposium about water, with Tobias Glaser and Wolfgang Ulrich, in Salzburg. The event also included a trip to a workshop in Munich at BurdaYukom (with Blasius Thätter) and a visit to an exhibition by the Type Directors Club.

Student work from the third semester at the University of Salzburg by Matthias Hempt, Florian Gapp, Marta Janosz.

Editorial Design: Positioning. Idea. Concept. Structure. Grid. Typography. Imagery. Cover.

What social group does my magazine aim towards? What images inspire me? How can I develop a visual language? Which editorial concept is appropriate? What is my magazine’s basic focus? How is it structured? How can I raise the suspense level? Which elements do I want to repeat? How can I develop a hierarchy using typography (headline, Introduction, continuous text, page numbering). How is a raster arranged? Do I follow my structure? What does my cover look like?

Summer Semester 2010

Basics of Typography

Bank notes

Designing bank notes was one of the 8 exercises within the foundation course. This required using only one particular type and elements of that type to create a pattern for: a 13 Euro note with Baroque antiqua, a 27 Euro note using a renaissance antique and a 38 Euro note with an egyptienne antiqua.

Animation of the completed work form this Semester


Winter Semester 2009/10

Typografie 2
Exhibition Design
Cooperation with Department of Foreign Affairs


Exhibition design ‚die EU und Du‘

The exhibition ‚die EU und Du‘ was created by the Austrian Foreign Ministry and the Austrian Association of European Politics in order to give more students an understanding of the European Union. An exhibition displaying 20 banners toured schools throughout Austria. Through a competition with more than 20 entries, Christina Michelitsch’s work was picked and realised. We were invited to attend the exhibition’s opening ceremony conducted by state secretary Spindelegger on the 3rd of May 2010.

Winter Semester 2009/10

Designing Coffee Cups
Cooperation with Nestle


The day of coffee with Nestle

The 1st of October 2010 marks the ‚Day of Coffee‘. Nestle celebrated the day by supplying every coffee machine with unusual cups. Among 50 other entries, the designs of the students Kristina Fallenegger, Johannes Ecker and Marta Janosz were selected.

How do I work with a 3 dimensional surface? Am I able to print inside the cup? Who is my target group? What does the customer like? What do I like? How can I display my ideas in the most appropriate way? What kind of design is the jury most likely to elect? How is the cup printed? How do I layout my final drawing?


Winter Semester 2011/12

Typografie 2


Signage for an event

Signage helps the viewer to orientate themselves within a complex space or area. All the courses the University of Salzburg offers are presented to the public during an open day. The task is to reconsider the space for one day. The visitor should be able to easily grasp detailed information on each course as well finding their way around the building.

Who is attending? Who is exhibiting? What does the space look like? To where, and how, do I guide the visitors? How am I displaying a specialist division? What are my boundaries when mounting or projecting and what technical additives are at my disposal? What does the visitor take away?


Winter Semester 2008/09

Poster Design
Font Creation


Development of a font and poster design

Practising. Experimenting. Acquiring skills.

The exercise for this semester is to develop an idea for a font and a poster. As part of the process of creating a font, we invited typographer Juergen Weltin to give a presentation. The 16/1 poster was displayed in real size on top of a billboard.

How do I create a font? What letter do I start of with? How can I digitalise my font? How do I adjust the line spacing? What can I do to make my text legible from a 20 meter distance? What font is appropriate for what topic? How do I stand out within the city environment?



Winter Semester 2005/06

Project Studies
Book Design


Yearbook of the University of Munich

The 2005 year book was the first project to involve all three degree programs. Prof. Luettge’s photographic designers imaged the graduates, the communication designers focused on the concept, design and the completion of the books; including the screen printing of the packaging. The project was carried out under the tremendous time pressure of only one semester and a tight budget.

What format, what font(s) do I select? What is the ideal line spacing? What spacing is most appropriate for continuous text, image descriptions and headlines? How do I create a typographical raster? How can I optimise a turnaround? Where do I find the OpenType settings in Indesign? How do I apply style default settings, page numbering, overflow? What is the correct format for printing?


Sommer Semester 2005

Typografie 1


Basics & History
Learn to See. Understand. Apply.

10 different exercises concentrate on font. Initially students work by hand, later with a computer. Typographers are selected and their work is presented to the class. Multiple lectures on the history, classifications and application of fonts introduce the students to the origin of writing and to the latest developments in motion pictures and digital applications.


Where do I encounter writing every day? What are the differences between different type faces? How can I determine whether a font is appropriate to a topic?  What are serifs used for? Why ligations? What is a lead type face or a photo type setting? Why do multiple Garamond fonts exist? What are orphans? Which font should I choose for Mozart? Was Charles the Great concerned with writing? What effects would the nonexistence of writing have on how we communicate today? How is successful communication defined? What would the letter look like in 3D? What font do I choose for a mobile phone’s display, which characters are pertinent for a phone book? What does the letter ‘e’ look like for Renaissance Antiqua? What happened to the Multiple Master Fonts? How do I define spacing, the baseline, the height x? What are small caps? Or web fonts?



Examples of student work by Tobias Neutz, Lisha Wang, Matthias Lehner, Sylvain Weinert, Sven Kahl, Sonja März, Johannes Schranz, Andreas Weisz, Susanne Schneider.