Sabina Sieghart Visual Communication Design

Münchener Verwaltungsgesellschaft

New corporate design and booklet for MVG. 

Appearance equals reality

The Muenchner Verwaltungsgesellschaft (MVG) company has been managing housing complexes since 1960. This proves to be a challenging task as even minor disagreements can cause owners to instantly change to another property agency. However, MVG has been in charge of numerous properties for years. MVG’s expertise and its customers’ high satisfaction was to be part of the firm’s presentation to the public. Referring to the initial symbol which dates back to the 1960’s, I attentively modernised the logo using modern colours and fonts to construct a contemporary image. Preprinted forms, for notices and repairs, aid in staying organised and help facilitate communication with the owners.


Briefing and Coordination
Photography and Text


The Design was inspired by the restructuring of the company which was reflected in the visual language chosen for this project. Jens Weber, a renowned architecture photographer, was chosen to cast the properties under a new light.