Sabina Sieghart Visual Communication Design

Poster Design

A poster mirrors the essence of an exhibition or product. Additionally, it has to catch the eye.

The Gallery of the Upper Bavarian Region reinforces Inclusion

The idea of inclusion promotes a change in thinking in order to identify the needs of others. The posters use braille to help people reflect on their own ability to see. Upon reflection, it becomes apparent that the initially incomprehensible dots are the translation of the title and logo into braille. The embossed invitations allow everyone, whether blind or not, to experience the card haptically.

Unfortunately the concept was not realised. 


Final Art Work

Citylights, Day and Night

Over the years, a close relationship with Staudigl Printing has been formed. For this project Helmut König contributed the idea to experiment with the lighting of Citylights. To compare day and night, two differing motives were assembled. The motive during the day depicts limited information but raises a question, the answer to which is only revealed during nighttime.


Development of Concept of Posters
Colour Selection
Optimising of Production
Other Measures of Advertising Campaign
Large Scale Posters

Kunsthalle of the Hypo Cultural Foundation

The concept for the poster is closely linked to the corporate design and the advertising campaign. Each exhibition has a distinct image and colour. In order to achieve the best effect, fewer advertising pillars were rented but in prime locations. An accurate system was developed in order to cover the complete surface of an advertising pillar.



Designklinikum & Louise Farrenc

Poster for a music convention and poster for a lecture.


Advertising Campaign

Advertising Campaign for „Discoplus“

The telephone provider Discoplus wished to announce a new rate and gain new customers. The large scale posters ensured attention. Additionally, flyers were distributed in clubs and bars.