Sabina Sieghart Visual Communication Design

Wayfinding and Exhibition

Signage systems aid people to navigate within a complex environment. The graphic design does not only direct you throughout the building but also reflects the corporate identity.


Concept Signage System
Icon Design
Supervision and Production

Signage System for the Kunsthalle

The graphic language and material application harmonises with the architecture by Herzog de Meuron and mirrors the branding of the museum. The type designer Juergen Weltin developed a special Pi-font which correlates with the weight and forms of the signage typeface.


Concept and Design
Supervision and Production

Special Signs

Bothersome discussions about a bag’s size are solved through a sign measuring 30 x 40 cm: Only bags which are actually smaller than the sign, may be carried into the exhibition. Removable steel plates allow efficient adjustment.



Exhibition design for the ‚Rolling Stone Covers Tour‘

The anniversary of ‘The Rolling Stone’ magazine was celebrated with a touring exhibition. The letters of the logo served as furniture for the exhibition. Informative boards and display cabinets were attached to them, videos and audios were also integrated. For instance, the “g” incloses Madonna’s legendary bustier corset. (for design/writing/research)